LFI Labs Enhance MHz Review

There are a lot of companies coming out with budget brain pills, and Enhance MHz by LFI Labs is yet another example of a nootropic targeted at people who want to boost their brain power without breaking the bank. We’re gonna talk about the pros and cons of this brain supplement and see if it’s really worth your consideration.

Enhance MHz Ingredients:

There are some of the main ingredients you’ll find in Enhance MHz.

Ginkgo Biloba – This is one of the main ingredients of Enhance MHz. While science hasn’t verified much of the benefits of Ginkgo Biloba, it’s still a common ingredient in many cheap nootropic supplements. The good news here is that Enhance MHz contains Ginkgo Biloba in a stronger 24% potency. While it doesn’t seem to produce much effect for many users, this ingredient still gives some users the peace of mind that they’re somehow making their brain function better. Just don’t take it if you have bleeding issues.

Bacopa Monnieri – Enhance MHz contains a little bit of Bacopa Monnieri, one of the most power nootropics known to science. On the good side, Enhance MHz has Bacopa Monnieri that’s standardized to a powerful 20% bacosides content like some of the leading nootropics brands. A bad news is that they only give you a marginally effective 120mg per serving where as a premium nootropic like NOOESIS Opus gives you a full recommended 300mg for the maximum brain boosting effects shown in clinical trials. While Enhance MHz could be better, at least something is better than nothing.

Phosphatidylserine 4% Complex – Phosphatidylserine is one of the most important nootropics that is linked to fundamental brain health. The problem with this “complex” is that that it contains 125mg with only 4% Phostphatidylserine. When you compare the label to a higher grade nootropic like NOOESIS Opus, you’ll notice that Opus contains 100mg of Phosphatidylserine standardized at 20%. That’s 5 times stronger! The PS contained in Enhance MHz is barely enough to make any difference. This is one of the weak points of the supplement.

St. John’s Wart (0.3% extract) – St. John’s Wart has long been used for a variety of home remedies and to treat all kinds of ailments. Its effects on cognitive health remain unproven by science, but some people feel like this is a super herb that’ll have all kinds of positive (if a little far-fetched) benefits. Enhance MHz contains more St. John’s Wart than any other ingredient at 250mg. It may not actually help your brain in any way, but it could give you some peace of mind that you’re helping keep your body in good health.

L-Glutamine – Glutamine is an amino acid that is abundant in the human body. It’s linked to all kinds of aspects of good health, and it has some striking positive benefits for brain health. L-Glutamine may be linked to alleviating symptoms of those with depression, anxiety, and insomnia. If your Glutamine levels are low, this ingredient could be of benefit to you.

Huperzine A – This ingredient is becoming recognized by many authorities as too risky as it disrupts your brain’s ability to naturally process acetylcholine. We don’t recommend it either. We’ll explain more below.

Enhance MHz Review:

Now just how good is Enhance MHz? And is it actually a nootropic worth considering?

The good news is that at least LFI Labs lists the amounts of the ingredients contained on the bottle. Some dishonest brands hide their supplement contents behind “Proprietary” labels to avoid letting the public know that they’re using ineffective amounts of key nootropic ingredients.

While Enhance MHz is clear about what’s in the product, we have some concerns about the dosages of the ingredients used and a few of the ingredient choices.

While St. John’s Wart and Ginkgo Biloba have many rumored benefits, they’re effects on brain health aren’t unanimously proven by the scientific community.

Also, the good nootropics like Bacopa Monnieri and Phosphatidylserine could be in higher dosages and more potent in the case with PS.

Huperzine A is becoming seen as a big no-no. It’s also strange that this product includes a product that disrupts your brain’s breakdown of acetylcholine rather than a quality ingredient like Alpha GPC that boosts your brain’s acetylcholine levels.

But for brain boosting effects, some users may get some benefit out of Enhance MHz. There really aren’t that many exceptionally good products out there, but this is one of the better brain pills available.

Some users may experience some feelings of enhanced brain function if you take it on a semi-regular basis. Just make sure to not take it everyday since the Huperzine A will disrupt your brain’s ability to break down acetylcholine naturally.

Enhance MHz Vs Other Nootropics

It becomes easy to see the different between a budget nootropic like Enhance MHz and a premium nootropic when you compae them side by side.

For example, look at NOOESIS Opus, the current marketing leading nootropic supplement.

Opus contains clinically effective dosages of the most effective brain boosting compounds while Enhance MHz contains less potent dosages of only a few good nootropics and other ingredients that aren’t as thoroughly proven by science.

Also, Opus contains Alpha GPC which is a powerful ingredient that boosts acetylcholine levels while Enhance MHz just tries to inhibit the breakdown of the acetylcholine in your brain. We’d recommend being more careful with your brain. You want to boost brain function, not short circuit your cognitive functioning.

While Enhance MHz might have more placebo-like benefits, Opus is designed to achieve real measured results.

If you can’t afford a product like Opus, maybe Enhance MHz could still offer some benefits though. Just be careful and monitor how it affects you.

Enhance MHz Review Verdict: 

LFI Labs Enhance MHz is another decent beginner nootropic for users who want to feel like they’re boosting their brain function. If you don’t afford to spend much on your brain health, this may be a solid brain pill. While it doesn’t quite contain ingredients and dosages with proven effectiveness, it could be argued that something is better than nothing, especially if cost is your biggest concern. We do respect the fact that this brand tells you what’s in their product. We’d just like to see more emphasis on proven ingredients and effective dosages. Also, dump the Huperzine A so that users won’t need to cycle the product to avoid potential brain crashes.

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